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[ conscious -ISHIKI- ]

This is the project that is organized by space producer 'michi' with great artists. This project's core is a visual space with video projection and it has a story. It looks like a new style cinema for people's sense.
We live in massive information that is digital media developing rapidly, Peoples consumes the information without necessity all day long and are getting tired. Today's contemporary artists has to send some messages that is not only explained one but also deep consideration for peoples. More ever, we need some questions for everything around our life in this contemporary society.
The computer makes it possible to convenience life and conversation become easy with others living in the world. But we lost something important. The body becomes weak, and the sense is scarce. We have many answers and able to be find it easy, but we lost asking and thinking for something wonder and lost feeling happiness from little things around us... Where are peoples consciousness going to?
This project trying to pays attention such deep consciousness of the peoples, with our expression and the space. and we believe it can connect for new consciousness between the artists performance and the peoples feeling.

We want to looking for the answer in performing space with audiences.

The artists move to new "Consciousness" now...

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