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On of sound creator ISANOID heard FM Program "crossover eleven" and "jet stream" when he was a school child, and became to like jazz and fusion, At that time, influenced by YMO, he gave himself up to the synthesizer sound.
From 1993, ISANOID started DJ, playng jazz and in Brazilian music at "blue" in Aoyama. In 1994, rbegan the activity as "NumbSutra", and released "Begining Of The End/悦影" as first single from "revirth". Afterwards, he released the sound source from a lot of label. In 1999, He began own label TimePieces, as ISANOID solo. It becomes ISANOID solo and label TimePieces of 99 years is begun. He exchanged it with CALM, Kontrajaz, phaedra, and chaos(InsectorLabo), etc. From 1999 to 2003, the three analogue and one CD are released from TimePieces.
In 2003, ISANOID offered music to "InsectorLabo". In 2004, participated in the analogue of Maki Mannami for the mastering & engineering and offered remix work. He offered Music "Hodaka"to EP from bayaka's label "ode music".

NumbSutra _ FILE#2 ep puresand 1994
dj FORCE+NumbSutra _ Beginning ep Bassmental [ARTJ5501] 1996
NumbSutra _ Beginning of the end ep Revirth [RE-001] 1997
NumbSutra _ "illbient" Museum Of Plate remix CRUE-L [CRUE-PRODJ034] 1997
Neuetanz _ After All TimePieces [TP-001] 1998
Neuetanz _ "Move" Deepfield ChillscapeCompilation Vol5 1999
isanoid _ BOND ep TimePieces [TP-002] 2002
isanoid _ TIED ep TimePieces [TP-003] 2003
isanoid_"edge"reticulum ep Insector labo [IL-001] 2003
isanoid_"Crystallized Wind remix"justice and judgment Maki Mannami BAMBOLA [BAM-004] 2004
isanoid_"hodaka"INNER SPIRITS ep ode music production 2004



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