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JOU, a freelance Japanese contemporary dancer and choreographer, had started her dance when she was 23 years old. Through living and dancing in the different countries such as USA and Malaysia, her point of view became very unique and special.
She is capable to work with different types of artists, who are not only choreographers, but also different fields of people, such as film makers, architects, musicians, flower arrangements, and so on.
In 1999, November, she earned BFA in fine arts, dance, from OHIO university and came back to Japan to started her own project. Beside of her solo works, such as dancing solo pieces or choreographing for a film and the other companies, Odorujou, a dance unit in which she directs and choreographies, makes own show once - twice in a year constantly.

History of dance education
'88 Graduated from Health and Japan dance school night course (1year)
'90-'93 Studying at Orange Coast College(Orange County, CA)
'93-'95 Studying Odissy−Indian dance, Butoh, Pilates (Malaysia)
'95-'97 Studying at Japan Women’s Physical Education College(Tokyo)
'99 Graduated Ohio University School of Dance - BFA(Athens, OH)

Performance HIstory
'93 American College Dance Festival UCLA
'93-'95 dance for the Duet Co.. and the Taro Dance Company(KL, Malaysia)
'94 "TARI '94"(KL, Malaysia), 3rd Jakarta International Dance Festival, KL Dance Festival
'96-'97 dance for the Arts Studio Kanagawa(choreographed by Mariko Aoyama-Pina Bawsh, Fumiyo Ikeda-Rosas and Rosas, and Elizabeth-Frankfurt ballet)
'98 Ohio Dance Festival
Dance for "LSDS" choreographed by Kosi Hidama at Kanagawa, Japan
'99 Ohio Dance Festival
International Dance Fes. At Session House
'00/2 "Zatsu" choreographed by Erika Nowada at Kitazawa town hall
'00/8 "fish in the sky" choreographed by Mariko Aoyama at Kanagawa arts hall
'00/10 "Tokyo public swimming pool" Nibroll Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto tour
'00/11 "Antic Analogy" megaro theatre at gallery rudeko
'01/2 "Sleeping king" TEPCO musical at the National Budo theatre
'01/4 "Apple project vol.1" at the Session House, tokyo
'01/5 "demonstration Tokyo" megaro theatre at the gallery rudeko
'01/9 "makubeth" city opera at Shinjuku, tokyo
'01/10 "Halloween" Venus fort
'02/3 "Apple project vol.4" at the Session House
'02/3 "the Door" Moon & Sun at Azabu Die Pratze, Tokyo
'02/4 "Sleeping king" TEPCO musical
'02/12 "NextNext" Morishita studio tokyo
'03/2 "Binary Rider" Grinderman at Ai hall
'03/6-7 "Hamlet clone" T-factory at Morishita studio, tokyo
'03/8 "Kuroshio" choreographed by Morissa Fenley at National theatre of Korea
'03/9 "Hamlet clone" T-factory German tour
'03/10 "Kuroshio" choreographed by Morissa Fenley at Tokyo arts theatre
'03/10 "A Little Field" at Chantier en construction 2003
'04/2 "Sleeping king" TEPCO musical at the Japan Budo theatre
'04/7 "Hamlet clone" T-factory Brazil
'04/10 "Hanabi-Japanaese fire works" at MAPO, Soul
'05/10 "TalkAnDanCe vol.5" at DTW.NY
'05/10 "splitting the night sky"choreographed by by Joyce Lim at St. Marks Church

History of Choreographies
'94 "A Moment in Life" "Debu Debu" in KL, Malaysia
'95 "Before germinate" on the roof performance in the Japan Women's Physical education Collage
'96 "Croissant & Crescent" Sophia Mex
'97 "Under the tree" the Session House
'98 "The Eat'n 2" Ohio Dance Festival
'99 "Out of Hibernation" "Unicorns" Ohio Dance Festival
-- "A story from Collaboration」International Dance Fes. At Session House
'00 Kawasaki City youth musical "Alice in after school"
choreography & dance training
-- "A cup full of the ocean" The Actor's theatre in Roppongi
-- "Odorujou@hotmail.com" Sagacho Exhibit Space
'01 "Odorujou@hotmail.com" Session House
-- Dhaka ITI International theater Festival
-- "A cup full of the ocean" Sophia Mex
-- "Heaven’s Rock" Session House
-- "the Blue spring fighters" Session House
-- "S.D.D.S" Tokyo arts theater small hall
-- "On the Street"Biwakei Studio
'02 "H2O" Gallery Site
-- "home, my sweet home" Session House
-- 1st Anniversary for the twin tour event "Rain Drops" Nissan building
-- "Arts and Entertainment in Dance" Azabu Die Pratze
-- "Look at the blue sky" R Dance Club in Tsukuba
'03 "A man and Woman" Yokohama Dance collection at the Red brick Hall
-- "All days Spring" Azabu Die Pratze
-- "Dance in clouds" Tokyo Wander Site
-- "A Little Field" at Gallery Gokaku / Nova Hall in Tsukuba
-- "A Little Field" MAINS D’CEUVRES in France
-- Art Nova "…" Asahi Square
'04 "Osechi-the New Year Japanese Tradition meal--" "A Little Field" Session House
-- "A Little Field" Yokohama Dance collection at the Red brick Hall
-- "on the cutter tree" Earth day Event in Yoyogi park
-- "solo" ARTLAND
-- "Panda" PV for Aprils
-- "Hanabi-Japanese Fire works" Azabu Die Pratze
-- "Universal solo" BankART1929 in Yokohama

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