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Junko Sato

Composer. Singer.
Tokyo Art university Department of Musicology vocal music department soprano major completion.
Project suara establishment member. Representative of Java Gamelin group suara and kartika belonging. It has the voice of the soprano with beautiful nature, and it is one of the singers in very few Gamelin in Japan. Her clear and transparent feeling voice has a power to steal all sense of existence.
Junko works on the practice of the stereophony work. She took charge of music in the stage work of Kaiji Moriyama who is one of the most expected dancers, and it is trasted.
Moreover, she performed with her voice in the stage work of Nomi Kenjiro who is Contemporary dancer and Choreographer.
Junko Sato and michi co-star in "art live-sound+dance+visual" done in November 2004

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