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mjuc is the solo project name of composer and keyboarder, laptop
musician, Hideaki Takahashi.
Up to now release mjuc 'monody' nature blunt 'everlasting' 'forbidden area' (CD&DVD), Deep frame 'fateful meeting', etc.. and also play with a lot of musician and artist. '02 For the Opening Ceremony of The Esplanade hall in Singapore, performed with Jadranka (vo), Yutaka Fukuoka(vo.), Natsuki Kido(gtr.), and Yoichi Okabe(perc.) and Masakatsu Takagi(videoperform.). June '04, perform with Uwe Haas +michi at BankART1929 Yokohama. Perform as mjuc at a lot of place (Tokyo, Gunma ,Sapporo). July '04perform with Alessio SILVESTRIN (Former dancer of FrankFurt ballet), Ludovic Xasdera (videoperform) at ICC. November Perform with Uwe haas (electronica musician) Syuri (vocal), michi (video perform), Ludovic Xasdera, Renate ober at Asahi art square hall. August '05, perform in German and Holland .
Songs In 'monody' 'forbidden area' are often used in a lot of TV program (NHK "prime time", TBS "News 23","The world heritage" etc..). And Compose some CM song (Nissan,,,) and some TV program Thema song (NHK, TBS, FUJI, Cartoon network TV, Orcean TV (germany), etc,,). Planning mjuc's 2nd album with Uwe Haas (electronica musician), Kevin G (Jazz Trumpeter) and ,Deep frame's Next album.

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