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(locust music / cubic music /mushi-no-ne)

soundscape composer Takayuki Joe's solo project.
no.9 is a sound designer who uses various media and builds the micro cosmos by various expressioin.
He has another face as one of presides of the open air event "mushi-no-ne" that is organization of various artists.
His music aims at evolution and creativity that toward for macro field and the universe from the micro viewpoint like a insect eyes.
It contracts to famous Rorcast media (United States) with San Ra and Arcaiv such as Henry Flint, and the development of a further activity is aimed at now. His 3rd album "micro films" was put on the market from this label in November, 2004, and it receives the high appraisal from each country of the world, and it's paid attention most now.
More about his sound and cds. -Locust music

no.9 speaking this...

Music wants to evolve.
I want to create the world of sound.
From electro music and contemporary music is ecpressed by the manners of jass, and pop sensitivity.
The music witch gives listeners the room of imagination is considered from one sound. My work thinks a melody gentle to and story nature as important.
And love...

micro films (locust music /USA,Chicago)
0mushi no ne (cubic music /Japan)
Calm and Ecstatic (cubic music /Japan)

V.A "Circulation" (360 records /Japan)

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