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Go Taneda

Musician. Project suara presider.
He organized "art live-sound+dance+visual" that makes the work composition by music a cut, and creates the dance and the relation by real time with the image, and it co-stars with dancers who are JOU, Yamada Miho, and Aki Nagatani etc. in that, and the high appraisal has been received from each industry.
His organic relation of the image that changes sharpened sound and place into psychology gives the best impact.
He works on sound place creation in cooperation with sound developer, and he is the highest sound creator who is admitted from Taguchi factory.
It co-stars with Kaiji Moriyama and the Kanze style Noh musician Renjiro Tsumura in work "OKINA" (new Natioanl Theatre/Tokyo) of Kaiji Moriyama and it takes charge of music by a live performance.
Moreover, work "katana" (N.Y) with Kaiji Moriyama is spoken of very highly by the NY TIMES paper etc. , saying that "Sound with a sense of existence".
Besides, it takes charge of music in a lot of stage works of a top dancer of Japan. Morever, the quality and the air feeling of the sound in which the dancer's expression is improved to a higher dimension have already been admitted inside and outside the country at the same time as offering music.
CD"60 sound artists protest the war" (ATAK) participation.
Indian movie "A girl whosleeps all the time" music production.
Java Gamelin group suara belonging.