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Wang Xiaofeng (Chinese Fiddle Player)

Wang born in Beijing/China.
He learnt from his father who is top chinese fiddle player of the Chinese east sing and dance group more than six years old, and it studies under professor
張韶 of Beijing central Academy of Music. Wang came to Japan in 1987, and he graduate Behavioral science of Department of Literature(Orient philosophy major) at Chiba University. Recently, his performance activity is nationwide of Japan including his solo recitals. First CD "Shoccage Beni" is released in April, 2000.
He play not only a traditional performance of a Chinese fiddle but it works on the performances of the tune of Japan and the tune of the West positively, and the transparent tone enchants a lot of people. He interested in the Japanese traditional art was sent, and first-ever Chinese fiddle in National Noh Theater was performed in September, 2001.
He teache Chinese fiddle in ASAHI culture center Chiba, and he has Chinese classes in Tokorozawa, Sagamihara(Takashi Matsuyama Nou stage), Chiba, and Shinjuku. Wang contributes to the spread of the Chinese fiddle in Japan.

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